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  • Fashionshow House of Byfield

    Fashionshow House of Byfield

    On the 18th of October Carmichael Byfield celebrated his birthday in a special way: with a fashionshow in the Hilton! There were two shows before [...]

  • 3rd eyewear collection Spijkers|Spijkers

    3rd eyewear collection Spijkers|Spijkers

    On October 15th the very talented sisters of Spijkers|Spijkers lanced their eyewear collection at Specsavers. The first eyewear collection of the designers Truus and Riet [...]

  • Mama of the Year

    Mama of the Year

    On October 8th the 6th edition of Mama of the Year (MOTY) event took place. Since I am a mommy I accepted the invitation immediately. [...]

  • David Paulus World Fashion Exhibition

    David Paulus World Fashion Exhibition

    We know David Paulus from previous  fashionshows and ofcourse Amsterdam Fashion Week.  This time David was invited by the organisation of World Fashion Week to [...]

  • Highlights Paris Fashionweek

    Highlights Paris Fashionweek

    Paris Fashionweek has just ended, so time for some highlights. A lot of beautiful moments and ofcourse loads of fashion inspiration! Streetwear Fabulous dressed people [...]

  • Moschino Spring 2015

    Moschino Spring 2015

    Bye Spongebob and Mac Donalds, hello Barbie! Jeremy Scott designed yet another crazy fun collection for Moschino during Milan Fashion Week. Loads of color, big [...]